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Psychosexual and relationship therapist. Author of The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy, Watkins Publishing. Tea, cats and travel.

Or, Why Ben didn’t want to wear his red nose

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The story of Ben’s red nose

Mental health

Should we disregard psychiatry altogether or does it have some merit?

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Masculinity, Misogyny, and Social Change

Image by Yasin Yusuf on Unsplash

Or, Why Chris Wasn’t Allowed to Fall in Love

Image by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

The story about a man called Chris

Therapy and psychology

Image by Karin Blak

Planning my return to Medium writing

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Therapy and psychology

Four reasons why the interactions with your therapist makes a difference

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Therapy and Psychology

A new publication for factual and entertaining articles about psychology and therapy

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What we are looking for


Should we excommunicate our demons before engaging in a relationship?

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The important relationship between adults and their parents

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