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Therapy and psychology

Four reasons why the interactions with your therapist make a difference

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When you look for a therapist, you might believe that a certain type of therapy is best for your symptoms or that therapy should sort you out in just a few sessions. Perhaps there is a tendency to look at the cost as a sign of a better quality of therapy or the length of therapy being an indicator of getting more for your money. In reality, it is the relationship between you and your therapist that is the biggest indicator of the success you stand to gain from your financial and emotional investment.

In my private practice, when clients…

Therapy and Psychology

A new publication for factual and entertaining articles about psychology and therapy

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Have you ever wanted to read and write articles about the human condition that are based on research and the lives of trained and experienced therapists and psychologists? I have, and that is why I decided to set up The Talking Space. I am now looking for other likeminded professionals to join me in this project.

What we are looking for

The aim is to bring together a collection of articles that are accessible to anyone, that is jargon-free, and written to inform and entertain, and to support a positive perspective of the profession of therapy and psychology. …


Should we excommunicate our demons before engaging in a relationship?

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I was recently interviewed by Nick Bracks, Australian actor and podcaster at Move Your Mind. One of the many interesting conversations we had was whether we should sort our issues out before we enter a relationship.

Of course, working through our issues and increasing our self-awareness is always a positive step towards a more fulfilling and contented life. Though, as a psychosexual and relationship therapist, I find it an intriguing idea that sorting out all our issues would even be possible before we would then be able to have a relationship.

It might be a lovely prospect to think that…


The important relationship between adults and their parents

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We don’t often talk about the relationship between adults and their parents, yet this relationship is frequently the foundations of our intimate adult relationships. This connection can also be invaluable when we struggle in life or if we just need a little lift over the inevitable hurtles we might face.

Our parents usually want what is best for us, they want to see us happy. This has probably been their aim right from the moment they knew of our existence. They have known us longer than anyone else and in a different way to other people in our life. Telling…

Work connections

Sometimes having a conversation is quicker than emails

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Working from home has its benefits and quite frankly, I love it! But, when it comes to having a conversation with colleagues or business partners, I am getting frustrated.

Emails are great for longer explanations or statements that might be better off made in writing and all the online apps for holding meetings and conferences are a life safer during these Covid times. But when it comes to a quick dialogue to clarify a point or the need for a two way ‘what do you think’ kind of debate, why can’t we just pick up the phone?

Lately, when I…


Includes an excerpt from the book The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy by Karin Blak

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The concept of happiness is used in many forms to sell products or services, lifestyles and ways of thinking. This is an excerpt from The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy (Published by Watkins Publishing) where I write about happiness and challenge the idea that we have a right to be happy 100% of the time:

“We might have heard or read about this supposedly easily achievable feat in articles, telling us that we all deserve happiness and that happiness is a decision we can make. …

Mental health

How psychiatric diagnosis can work against you

If we experience mental health difficulties, we can long for a psychiatric diagnosis so we can at least understand why we feel like this and how we can better manage…


The Impact of Social Honesty on Mental Health

Bring  mental health out of isolation
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In polite English-speaking company, we greet one another with a “Hello, how are you?” and the changing emphasis on each word can show how enthusiastic we are or how long it is since we have seen each another. But, do we really want to know the honest answer?

When I first moved to the UK from Denmark I got caught out by the lack of sincerity in the politeness of “How are you?” and truly believed that people asked because they wanted to know the answer. I told them my struggles, my good news, and how I really felt. …

Give your emotions a chance to breathe

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Are you struggling, as I am, with the changes we are facing at the moment? The unknowable route of COVID-19 and climate change can be pretty scary. The world is changing so fast and in so many ways I am finding it difficult to keep informed, manage my emotions and carry on with life. It feels like a new normal is light-years away.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could control the changes, if we could organise our emotions as orderly as the cutlery drawer? I know my routine has kept me feeling safe while planning and organising have helped…

My journey to becoming a published author

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Writing has always been a part of my life in some form or other, whether it was diary entries, blog posts, client analysis or writing assignments for studies. My dream from a very early age has been to write books, fiction and non-fiction, on relationships and therapy. My background in relationship and family therapy provided me with enough stories to tell and subjects to turn inside out. What stood in my way was the lack of headspace to commit to the process and the belief to take myself seriously. Something had to shift to make this dream come true.


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